Ready to roll

On Monday we start up the fall student interviewer program.  I’ve spent much of my time this week constructing a schedule with our 40-or-so volunteer interviewers — bent over my desk, surrounded by yellow papers on which they’ve indicated the free time in their schedules.  It’s a little like one of those little number puzzles from back in the day:  I can slide this student into the Monday at 10:00 slot, but I’ll need to move that student into the Tuesday at 2:00 slot.  Right now, it’s all looking orderly, with a time assignment for most interviewers, and an interviewer for most time assignments, and there are still a few people I need to plug in.

Next week will be crazy, with lots of interviews already scheduled, but we’re looking forward to having students and applicants moving through the office every day, reminding us there are faces connected to the names we encounter through the Admissions process.

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