The first of our Visit Days for the academic year were yesterday (MIB) and today (PhD).  We created the Visit Days as a way to offer targeted information for those two programs — information that may not come through as clearly at one of our general Information Sessions.

For the MIB visit, I conducted one interview, but I otherwise spent much of yesterday preparing for the PhD Visit Day today.  Now that the PhDers are here, doing their thing, I’m free to write a blog post. Freer, anyway.  Now and then, a small crowd of people (interviewers, PhD/MIB visitors, current students) flows into the office, adding a little frenzy to our day.

As I scrambled to prepare for today’s visitors, I was struck by the incredible number of emails hitting my inbox with announcements of events.  In fact, the pace of activities has been at its max since last week for the Fares Center Conference.  No major symposia this week, but plenty of speakers.  You can get a sense of what’s going on from the month’s calendar, but there are student-initiated and other events that don’t end up listed.  The Fletcher Development Seminar, for example.  Or the internship panel put together by students in the Human Rights Project, to connect students who have worked or interned in the human rights field with those who might want to.

While School activities keep up a steady pace, my own schedule quiets a bit in the next few weeks.  I look forward to providing application tips for those intending to apply by our November 15 Early Notification deadline.


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