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Today, we’ll meet Katie, the third (and last), of the new Admissions interns.  She’ll describe a little of the adventure she experienced in her pre-Fletcher months. Next week, I’ll reintroduce the interns who are continuing students.

Hey!  My name is Katie (pronounced the French way) and I am a first-year MALD student.  I am at Fletcher because I’m very curious about the fields of Human Security and NGO & Public Management.  I am Lebanese Egyptian, born and raised in Cairo.  Before coming to Fletcher, I had an eventful few months.  Here’s what happened:

January 2011:  I am working full time as a legal officer, focusing on resettlement cases, in an NGO called Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance.  I am also studying to complete my Master of International Business Law at the Pantheon Sorbonne Institute in Cairo University.  My (super beautiful) niece is born, and I start showing photos of her to anyone who comes my way.  People are getting really worked up a couple of streets away from my office, in some Tahrir Square; they’re blocking the traffic circulation.

February 2011:  My boss invites us to all go to Tahrir, since it’s not safe to ask our clients to come in, and we can’t focus on work anyway.  Meanwhile, final exams for the first semester are postponed indefinitely.  Some days later, the only president I had ever known decides to step down, and it’s a New Year’s Eve kind of celebration in all the streets of Cairo.

March 2011:  I get admitted to Fletcher!  More celebration.

June 2011 to August 2011:  The beginning of the end of my life in Cairo, final exams and thesis writing, and then a trip to Bali for an annual meeting with an international peace-building organization I volunteer for.  Finally, at the end of August, I move into Blakeley Hall!

Despite being far from Egypt, I felt at home at Fletcher right away.   Between the exciting stories my fellow Fletcherians tell, and the numerous courses to choose from, I feel like a kid in a candy shop!


I’m heading down to DC today, and I’ll be staffing the APSIA fair tonight.  I’ve done lots of fairs for Fletcher, but somehow I’ve never been to the APSIA fair in DC.  I hear that it will wear out my feet and voice (as well as 400 brochures) before it’s done.  If you’re going to be at the fair, please stop by the Fletcher table and say hello.  I’ll have a crack team of alums there to help me, and I’m looking forward to meeting a crowd of prospective students.


At the beginning of each academic year, the Admissions Office pulls together a team of interns to support our work.  These industrious students answer phones, reply to emails, give the occasional tour of the building, lead information sessions, and sub for interviewers who thoughtfully decline to share their germs with applicants.  Less interesting, but most vital (particularly in January), they open mail, date stamp, alphabetize, staple, file…file…file…file…. We couldn’t do everything without them.  So let’s have them introduce themselves.  Next time you phone the office, you’ll know a little more about the person at the other end of the line.

First, Hillary, who actually started her work here during the summer after she relocated to the area.

I started my post college career at an investment consulting firm in Cambridge, MA.  After two years of spreadsheets, I left to join the Peace Corps in Benin, where I served as a small-enterprise development volunteer.  In Benin, I worked mostly with rural women’s groups and helped to set up microfinance groups.  I arrived home in May and started working at the Fletcher Office of Admissions in July.  I am a Boston native and I am so happy to be back in the area after two years abroad.  At Fletcher, I am studying International Business Relations and Development Economics and I hope to work in emerging markets investing.

Next, Ariel:

Hi!  My name is Ariel and I’m a first-year MIB student, new to Fletcher and the Admissions Office.  Originally from North Dakota, I graduated from high school in a small suburb of Los Angeles.  I attended American University for my undergraduate studies and spent time living and studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt and Madrid, Spain before coming to Fletcher.

My prior work experience was in marketing roles at SAP, the major enterprise software company, and Lufthansa German Airlines.  As a Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellow, I’ll be joining the Foreign Service and working for the U.S. State Department after graduation.

At Fletcher, I’m specializing in Strategic Management & International Consultancy and International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution.  I’m excited to work in the Admissions Office this year, and I look forward to hearing from you during the application process!

More introductions to follow, later this week.

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