Tuesday’s post, listing all the events I’ll be missing this week, still succeeded in omitting a few.  Because several of the originally included items have a connection to the Security Studies program, I want to correct my error of omission and give readers a better sense of the broad scope of activities each week.

I’ll start with Tuesday evening, when members of the community were invited to participate in an “interdisciplinary, interactive conversation” with Dean Peter Uvin and Dean Bhaskar Chakravorti.  The forum considered, “Navigating Political Risk – Can UNICEF teach Unilever how to succeed in Emerging Markets?

And on Wednesday evening, the Fletcher Seminar on International Conflict presented “Mediating Sudan’s Conflicts: An Inside View from the African Union High Level Panel in the Sudan,” a talk by Alex de Waal, Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation, which is newly located at Fletcher.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, Vana Raye Müller, an organizer of the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland, offered an information session about the Symposium.  St. Gallen University is a partner of Fletcher.

Finally, in addition to all those special events, the last in the list of things I did not do this week was to have lunch with our own Dean Jerry Sheehan, who periodically invites students to join him for pizza and a chat about the School.

With these additions to the longer list, it’s no wonder that students and staff alike are ready for the weekend.


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