I love going to the movies, and my husband, Paul, and I had a two-movie weekend, with our selections representing the yin and the yang of current offerings.  On Saturday, we went to Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (for which I settled into my theater seat, knowing I would need a post-film debrief to understand the plot), and on Sunday, we saw The Muppets (no debrief needed).  Suffice it to say, more Muppets than spies were happy at the conclusion of their respective films.

Back at work today, I find the Office of Admissions is also experiencing both yin and yang.  On the one hand, we’re moving into the frenzied pace that marks the heart of the admissions cycle.  There’s the application processing, which is building toward its annual crescendo.  With the new Map Your Future program, we’re also midway through an admissions mini-cycle, figuring out where to fit a January reading and discussion process, having promised MYF applicants a February 1 decision.

On the other hand are the tasks and projects that we expect to complete during the two months following Early Notification and leading to the January 15 deadline.  Our next opportunity to work at a reasonable pace doesn’t come until May, and most projects will be set aside for a while.  Next week we’ll all join in to process applications, with deadline-orientated activities dominating the rest of the winter and early spring.

Having said all of that, the concept of yin and yang calls for a balance between the two, and I appreciate the yin-yang balance of Admissions work.  I value the opportunity to pause, think, and complete long-term projects, but I also look forward to the four fast-action months when we’re getting to know new people through their applications, and to building the class we’ll meet in the fall.


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