Cleared the table

This time of year can be a challenge for an admissions blogger.  With the need to read applications whenever I can clear a block of time, but with other tasks still drawing my attention, I find it hard to sit down and generate a creative blog post.  I’ve even asked students to report on a few events — but I don’t have time to look at what they’ve sent me right now.  (That’s an indication of how overstretched my brain is feeling — that I don’t have energy to let other people do my work.)

So today’s post will just be a quick update on the topic at the forefront of most readers’ minds:  Are we making progress in compiling and evaluative applications?  And the answer is:  Yes!  Our crack team of student interns and the steady presence of a temporary staffer have resulted in a cleared table in our back office.  No backlog of unopened mail — everything has been opened and filed, either in an alphabetical waiting area, or in your application folder.  No backlog of applications waiting to be updated, either — if your application has been printed and your standardized test score report has arrived, that information has been added to your GAMS record.  There are hundreds of applications ready for our student readers, and they’ve been maintaining a steady flow for us.  We’re in good shape!

The lack of a backlog is particular good news for you.  This is the point when those of you whose application was complete on January 15 will be able to find accurate information on GAMS.  But please note that, if your online recommenders only submitted their letters today, you’ll still need to give us some time to print and update your file.

A very quick word to PhD applicants.  Your applications are well down the pipeline.  The Admissions Committee has completed its first round of evaluation and professors are reviewing dissertation proposals.  Final evaluation will start in February and continue until March.

I’ll be back next week with, I hope, restored creativity.

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