Dear 247 applicants…

Trying to figure out where we are in the application review process, Laurie crunched some numbers yesterday.  It seems that there are still 247 applications that were submitted by January 15 but aren’t complete.  If your online recommenders submitted their letters (a necessary step before we can download your application), your file is nesting comfortably in a box, and our staff has sent you an email reminder about the missing materials.  Please be sure to respond to the email.  Is there a reason why your test scores, transcripts, or on-paper recommendations haven’t arrived yet?  Tell us why.  Can you offer a temporary substitute while we wait for the originals?  It’s possible that, with such a placeholder, we’ll be able to go ahead and review your application.

On the other hand, if you know that your online recommender hasn’t submitted his/her letter, it’s probably time to unregister the recommender so that your application can leave cyberspace and arrive at our office.  You’ll need to find another recommender, or ask the original recommender to email the letter to us.  Even the best letter won’t have its maximum impact if it arrives a month late.

If you haven’t yet responded to your “missing materials” email, or for help with any of these issues, please contact us.

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