I was lucky on Monday to have contacted Lily, who mentioned she had spent her spring break in Singapore with the Fletcher International Business Club.  I can’t believe I nearly missed this interesting news!  Lily saved the day, and best of all, she was happy to write something for me.  Here’s Lily’s report.

While Spring break is a time to rest for most students, some find it a great opportunity to network and build the career connections that will help them land their dream job.  And so six Fletcher students, both first- and second-years, went on a week-long career trip to Singapore.  With a shared strong interest in Southeast Asia, the students met with thought leaders and business executives, company managers and representatives, to learn about the economic and business environment in Southeast Asia, as well as the career opportunities in the region.

Students met with a range of companies, from financial services groups like MasterCard and DBS, to consulting firms such as Accenture and IHS, to oil and gas companies like Chevron and Exxon Mobil.  Organized through the Fletcher network, personal contacts, or simply company outreach, the meetings were an amazing opportunity to meet people with extensive experience and expertise in Southeast Asia.

A lively Fletcher community in Singapore was yet another perk of the trip.  A gathering was organized with the extensive support of the Fletcher Alumni Club of Singapore and the gracious hospitality of a Fletcher alumna. Wonderful to meet so many recent and not-so-recent alums in the region.  Their hospitality is unmatched by any measure.

As it often goes — work hard, play hard.  Singapore has some great things to offer!  The highlights:  chilli crab, Singapore sling, chicken rice, and Sentosa!

It was a packed week, exploring the city and its culture, in addition to attending business meetings. Some great videos for Fletcher Follies squeezed in as well!

Interesting – yes!  Useful – even more than I had expected!  Exhausting – to a certain degree!  Worth it – absolutely!

Southeast Asia is a booming economic region and this Singapore trip opened many doors for our Fletcher gang.  We hope to continue this entirely student-led initiative in the future!

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4 Responses to Spring Break Report from Singapore

  1. Welcome to the MIB program, Armida! There have been spring break trips for the past three years. The first was to UAE (which you can find on the blog). Last year, the group went to Brazil (but, sadly, I didn’t manage to convince anyone to write about it). And then this year to Singapore. Looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Armida Valdes says:

    Wow Jessica, this is an extraordinary opportunity for a Spring Break!! I am an admitted student to the MIB, interested in financial services and banking and I find this report extraordinary. I can realize that alumni is really supportive with the Fletcher community! Hope to join you in future trips. Best regards 🙂

  3. Good to hear from you, Anna! I’ll make sure that Lily knows that, next fall, she’ll have someone new to chat about Singapore with.

  4. Anna Valeria says:

    Jessica!!! how exciting!! I wish I was there too!! I work for IE Singapore! which is the promotion agency in Singapore that helps companies to develop their strategy to go overseas. I had been accepted into Fletcher, I will be starting this coming August! I will be happy to share contacts and experiences as well!

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