Once again trolling my inbox for blog post ideas that don’t need to originate in my own head, I came across a nice round of Social List sharing:  “Fletcher” written in various other alphabets.  Why did I like this?  I suppose it’s because I enjoy knowing that when a student asks, others will jump in to provide the info he needs.  Some responses even included mini linguistics lessons.  As I’m only able to read two of the languages, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the List crowd would have corrected any misinformation.

So, while it’s not a comprehensive accounting of the languages students speak, here’s “Fletcher,” many different ways, with thanks to the Social List.

Arabic:  فلتشر

Armenian:  Ֆլեթչեր

Bengali:  ফ্লেচার

Chinese (simplified):  弗莱彻
Chinese (complex):  弗萊徹

Cyrillic:  Флетчер

Dari and Pashto:   فلچر

Gujarati:  ફ્લેચર

Hindi:  फ्लेचर

Kannada:  ಫ್ಲೆಚರ್

Korean:  플레쳐

Morse Code:  ..-. .-.. . – -.-. …. . .-.  (Or “Di-di-dah-dit Di-dah-di-dit Dit Dah Dah-di-dah-dit Di-di-di-dit Dit Di-dah-dit”)

Persian:  فلچر

Punjabi:  ਫ੍ਲੇਤ੍ਚੇਰ

Thai:  เฟลทเชอร์

Urdu:  فلیچز

Yiddish:  פלעטשער


2 Responses to Fletcher, however you spell it

  1. Perfect, Roxanne! Thanks for the addition. Maybe I’ll try to collect even more for a future post.

  2. Roxanne says:

    Adding Greek to the list: Φλέτσερ. I love this – it would make a great mural for a wall somewhere!

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