August starts today, and with it comes an increased sense of the nearness of Orientation, the return of students, and the start of the semester (not to mention the MIB pre-session).  Bit by bit, we’re starting to put in place everything we need to start a new admissions cycle.  Of interest to readers might be our growing travel schedule.  Many of our visits involve a small group of peer schools, or a larger collections of participants in a grad school fair.  All of those dates are pretty well nailed down, but others will be added through the coming weeks.  On a related note, a few years back we started to purchase carbon offsets for our travel.  Recently we read praise of our offset organization.

Beyond filling in our travel schedule, we’re also nearly done revising our online application.  Because we work cooperatively with Tufts University’s other graduate schools, changes to the app involve a collaborative process.  We should have everything in place before the end of the month — plenty of time, even for those intending to apply for January admission.  (Applications due October 15.)  I should note that we have not made significant changes to our essays.  There’s a bit more guidance on how to use the “Additional Information” section, but everything else remains the same.

I’ll write more about it in the future, but our interview schedule is already in place.  If you know when you’ll be in the area, you can already call to set up an appointment for an evaluative interview between September 24 and December 7.  Fridays tend to be very busy.  Book early if a Friday visit is best for you.  (Interviews are always optional.)

All in all, we still have one foot squarely in the summer, but our focus will increasingly turn toward fall.  I know that most applicants won’t rev up until September, but I’ll start providing tips and suggestions so that they’re in place when the time seems right.


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