Yesterday morning, the Admissions Staff “retreated” to my living room for a chance to meet uninterrupted by phone calls, visitors, etc.  Our three new staff members, Katherine, Liz, and Christine, jumped right in to hash out some questions, and also (we hope) took a big step in understanding how the year goes and the office runs.

And then we went to lunch.  I live half a block from a Chinese restaurant with a lunch buffet that, given our tight time schedule, seemed like just the ticket.  So we enjoyed some food and conversation, followed by the presentation of fortune cookies.  While we hoped for predictions related to this year’s admissions process, the selection we received includes only one that could be called a “fortune.”  The rest are more like strange advice.

And what to make of my fortune?

Following lunch, we walked back to the house, noting that every downhill has its uphill and that failure can be glorious, and hopeful for a surprising gift.  Then we grabbed a stranger off the street to take a team picture for us.  He took two shots.  In one, Kristen’s eyes were closed, and in the other, Christine appeared to be napping, so I took one more.

That’s Christine, Katherine, Laurie and Kristen in back; Dan and Liz up front.  Kristen accused me of trying to avoid being in the photo.  Honest, Kristen, I wasn’t — just going with the best of the pix.  I promise that I’ll be in the next team photo.


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