“Admissions time” moves at an inconsistent speed.  Though we were busy throughout the summer, September 4 brought the return of students and a a radically faster pace to our work.  Now staff members are heading out on the road to meet with future applicants throughout the U.S. and beyond, though of course we’re still taking care of all the usual activities back in the office.

September is an annual whirlwind for me — leaving little time to organize myself or catch my breath (and making it hard to write for the blog).  And today, September 14, I realized that we’re only a month (and a day) from the first of the deadlines for 2013 enrollment.  Applications for January enrollment are due on October 15.  There are even a few files ready for us to read.  Which seems crazy, because we are, in some ways, still setting up the schedule for the fall.

And that’s why I find that admissions time has its own unique pace.  It may be because we always have our feet in several admissions cycles simultaneously.  (The cycle for September 2012 applicants just ended with their enrollment.  The cycle for January 2013 applicants is reaching a key milestone.  The cycle for September 2013 applicants is only recently underway.)  Or it may simply be the nature of today’s workplace.  Either way, it keeps us engaged and interested.


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