Students are DC bound

There are no Fletcher classes today or tomorrow while students are visiting Washington, DC for the annual career trip.  A couple of weeks ago, the director of the Office of Career Services, Phillip McMullen, sent us a preview of the many different activities students could choose from.  Here’s how he described the trip for his colleagues.

Hi All –

My great team has pulled together another winning DC Career Trip, which is two weeks away.   We closed registration last night and I thought I would share a few statistics.

  • A total of 67 events over the two days:
    • 9 Panels
    • 3 Affinity Group Events
    • 24 Site Visits
    • 30 Alumni Lunches
    • 1 Alumni-Student Reception (250 students/250 alumni)
    • 1, 440 — total seating capacity across all events, excluding the reception
    • 320 participating students
    • 160+ alumni speakers/hosts, excluding the reception
    • Some new additions this year:
      • National Security/White House Tour/Briefing
      • DM&E Roundtable

Staff members who will be in DC are welcome to join us at the reception.  A cozy gathering of 500 enthusiastic Fletcherites.


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