It’s March, and for Fletcher Admissions, March=BUSY.  We’re still reading applications (a few stragglers for the MALD and MA programs, and a new batch that arrived by the March 1 deadline for the LLM and MIB programs).  The assorted Admissions Committees are finalizing decisions as quickly as possible, leading the way for scholarship consideration.  Waitlist candidates are being identified.  All of those steps, of course, lead to the ultimate release of decisions.  And meanwhile, there’s other day-to-day work that still needs to be done (writing for the blog, for example).

The pace takes a little toll on all of us, but none so much as Laurie, the captain of the Admissions ship.  Which is why it was Laurie, rather than another Admissions team member, who told us that in the wee hours one night, she saw the numbers displayed on her digital clock as GPAs.  These imagined students improved in their academic performance from 3:00 to 3:59, but there were no GPAs of 3.6 to 3.99, jumping instead to 4:00.

This is where Admissions work drives the mind, for some of us at least.  In my case, I have my eye on April, which will be very busy, too, but a different kind of busy.  Even the prospect of variety is enough to get me through the zany month of March.


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