New Survey! And proactive apology

Two more-or-less administrative comments today.  The first is a NEW SURVEY!  Before I blah-blah-blah all spring about the subjects that I think are relevant to newly admitted students or prospective future applicants, I want to ask you to tell me what you really want to know.  The survey is only three questions, so please consider giving me some direction for future blog posts.

And then I want to offer an apology on behalf of my Admissions pals and me for any delays in responding to your email messages.  Personally, I have felt good to be only about two days behind the contents of my inbox, but the email flow is a hot topic of discussion among the staff.  Sometimes answering a question involves a trip to the Registrar’s Office or zapping a question to a professor.  Ideally, we would send you a note to tell you the research is in progress.  Even if we don’t, please give us a couple of days to get back to you.  If you have a time-sensitive question, or if we’re just taking longer than is reasonable, please email us again with a reminder.  No need to write to someone else.  (And don’t worry — we don’t take offense at a gentle timely reminder.)

Back to my inbox!  Looking forward to your suggestions in the survey.

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