Maybe Mirza’s internship report yesterday made you wonder about other students’ internships, or maybe you want to read internship reports from further afield.  Or maybe you’re not really interested in internships, but you still want to know what people are doing.  If any of those is the case, you’ll want to check out two sources of info.  The first is the Fletcher Admissions Facebook page, where we’re posting photos that students have sent from wherever they are in the world.  Scroll through and check them out.

The other source of information and stories about summer break activities for Fletcher students is their own blogs.  I asked some students if I could share their writing with Admissions Blog readers, and I hope you’ll want to read what they’re up to.  In alpha order, here they are.  If they tweet, I’ve included their twitter pages, too.

Madeeha Ansari, writing from Boston and Pakistan. (@madeeha_ansari)

Andra Bosneag, in India, writing as a Peace Fellow with The Advocacy Project.

Charles Dokmo, writing from N’Djamena, Chad while working for an NGO.  (@chuckdinchad)

Nathan Kennedy, offering post-graduation opinions and analysis.

Diego Ortiz, spending the summer in Tokyo and Mexico (@diegomex0718)

Zane Preston has been in or near Cairo.

Phoebe Randel, working in Nairobi.

Emerson Tuttle is in Rome working for the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and traveling around the Italian countryside.

Stefan Wirth, like Scott and Joel, is biking across the U.S., but going at it from a different direction (east to west, from Delaware to Oregon).

One last blog would be that of our friend Roxana, who also tweets.

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