I’ve worked as the Admissions Office link to the PhD program for several years now, which makes it a little strange that I write so rarely about the program or admission to it.  The reason, I suppose, is that the program is small and we review only about 70 applications each year — a tiny portion of our applicant pool, and yet a lot of applicants relative to the handful that we ultimately admit.

Today, about 10 prospective PhD students are signed on to visit Fletcher.  We’re offering a focused information session, and the visitors can choose to interview, attend classes, and also do all the other things that visitors like to do when they’re here.  It’s a loose schedule that enables them to seek the information they need in order to decide if Fletcher is a good place to pursue their advanced studies.

Meanwhile, I needed to line up students to conduct the evaluative interviews.  I hesitate to steal time from PhD students.  They tend to have a lot going on, and we have as much of an interest in pushing them through the program as they have in motoring along.  Nonetheless, they’re very supportive of Fletcher in general and the PhD program in particular.  It’s a real pleasure to connect with them whenever the opportunity arises.

Maybe I’ll try to write a bit more about the PhD program in the future.  But you can always send questions, either as a comment on this blog post or by emailing us.


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