The pace at which applications and supporting materials are flowing into the office is picking up.  A nice bunch of applications is already complete and we’re keeping up as new materials arrive, knowing that the real flood will hit us on Friday (before midnight, if a reminder is needed).

Here’s the scene today.  Daniel, Ayako, and Rebekah have dedicated part of their winter break to bringing order to the applications, mail, and folders.  Christine is providing direction.

Back office

You may recognize Daniel and Ayako if you have recorded an online interview.  We’re super lucky to have so many student interns in the office this week!  Lucky, too, that three student members of the Admissions Committee are already reading the complete applications!

As much envelope opening, date stamping, and file assembling as we need to do, the process is hugely simpler than it was just a few years ago.  Although recommenders have been invited to submit their letters online for many years, it took some time before there was widespread acceptance of the technology.  Last year was the first year that we accepted scanned copies of official transcripts, further reducing our annual mountain of mail.  This is good news for applicants, as we’re able to compile materials quickly so that you can learn if your application is complete.  Of course, when I say “quickly,” I’m afraid that I don’t mean “instantly.”  There will inevitably be a delay between when you click submit and when you can confirm (via the GAMS system) that your materials have all arrived, but that delay is way shorter than it used to be.

Speaking of delays, I hate to miss an opportunity to add yet another plug to avoid waiting until the last minute to submit your application.  If you take the plunge and hit “submit” between today and Thursday, you’ll have an update on your application much more quickly than if you wait until the crowd jumps into the pool on Friday.


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