EN Admits are in the house

Our annual mid-winter treat is meeting the prospective students who attend the Open House for the Early Notification round.  Twenty-something of these EN-admitted students will be hanging out on the seventh floor of Fletcher for much of the day, taking the elevator down whenever they want to attend a class.

The EN Open House is both (as I mentioned) a treat for us — turning paper applications into real people — and also a great opportunity for the attendees.  The April Open House, to which all September 2018 admitted students will be invited, is a bit of a fun madhouse.  Today’s event, by contrast, is mellow.  Visitors will have ample opportunity to chat with each other, with current students, and with professors.

My contact with the visitors has been limited so far (signed in a few people and chatted over coffee with a few more), but I’ll be seeing more of them at lunch and then for a panel discussion with current students.  I especially enjoy student panels, and the opportunity to hear first-hand about the Fletcher experience of people I might not meet otherwise, so I’m looking forward to that.  Meanwhile, I’m happy to say that the weather is completely cooperative today.  Sunny, bright, and not too cold, which has not always been the case for this event.

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