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Casey and Kamil, this year’s editors of Praxis updated the community on the journal’s newest edition.  Here’s their news.

May 2013 PraxisLast week we published the 28th edition of PRAXIS: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security.  Today we’ve posted a blog introducing the issue.  Check it out for links to the issue and all the articles!

We’ve published four articles this year and two Views from the Field:

Casey and Kamil

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Have you finished reading The Fletcher Forum, which I suggested to  you last week?  In that case, check out the blog that was recently launched by Praxis: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security.  Here’s how co-Editor-in-Chief, Kamil, described the blog to the community.

Dear Fletcher,

PRAXIS is pleased to announce the launch of our very own blog today!

The blog will be a space to share, discuss, and collaborate on issues related to human security.  We will publish short “View from the Field” articles, from both current and former students, continuously throughout the year.  Occasionally the site will feature special posts, including interviews with professionals, film and book reviews, photo essays, and messages from practitioners.

Our first View from the Field this year came from first-year student Madeeha Ansari.  Madeeha wrote about her time at a school for the urban poor outside Islamabad.  And last Friday, a new post went up from second-year student Katherine Conway about memorialization in Rwanda.

We are also launching a series of videos on the site, where practitioners and professionals working on issues related to human security will answer the question:  What does human security mean to you?  Our first video comes from our very own Academic Dean Peter Uvin.

We are currently collecting Views from the Field for our next deadline on February 28th.  If you had a fantastic experience over the summer or winter break and want to write a short blog about it, please check out the submissions page.  We will include the top two Views from the Field in the spring issue of our online Journal.  The top two Views from last year by Claire Duffet and Sam Chapple-Sokol are included on the blog.

Check out the site and look for future posts shortly!

Kamil Pawłowski

P.S.  Kamil told me that prospective students are welcome to submit Views, too!  Check out the submission instructions and send one along!

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Fletcher is a busy place and blog readers are busy people.  How to keep up with everything going on here?  Well, there are many different sources, and the best one depends on how you prefer to receive your news.

For starters, there’s the front page of the Fletcher web site.  The Communications folk put newsworthy stuff up there regularly, and you can find more details on their web page.  For general university info, which may include stories on Fletcher, check out the news page of the Tufts University site, or for a student perspective, the Tufts Daily.  As a former college newspaper writer myself, I’d say the Daily staff does a good job, particularly for a small university with a limited pool of journalists.

Those who prefer to have their news fed to them can “like” Fletcher, as well as Fletcher Admissions, on Facebook.  Once you’re a student, you can even join me and 960+ others by friending Tufts President Anthony MonacoHe tweets, too   As does Fletcher.

If measuring thoughts by character, Twitter style, doesn’t appeal to you, check out Fletcher’s publications to find out what our best student and faculty minds are thinking.  There’s the Fletcher Forum, Praxis, and Al Nakhlah.  For that matter, Praxis and the Fletcher Forum have their own Facebook pages.

Naturally, I want to remind you to read the Admissions Blog regularly.  In fact, you should arrange to keep up with the blog via email or RSS feed.  (Shift your eyes over to the left, and you’ll see the Feedburner box where you can sign up.)  If you’re a Fletcher applicant, the blog is your best source of relevant news.

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Among the student groups that are wrapping up their year’s work are the Fletcher publications.  Check out their websites, which contain the current or recent issues.

Al Nakhlah is the School’s online journal on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization.

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, founded in 1975, is the School’s student-run foreign policy journal.

Ideas Journal:  International Development, Environment, and Sustainability is the online journal of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy.

Praxis:  The Fletcher Journal of Human Security is a three-decade old journal, which its editors describe as exploring “the intersections between the historically separate fields of humanitarianism, development, human rights, and conflict resolution.”

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