I’m a big proponent of taking advantage of our optional evaluative interviews.  Every fall, I try to drum up some early business for us — I like to keep our student interviewers busy each week.

I’m still a big proponent, but I’m not trying to drum up business anymore.  As of November 21, the schedule was essentially full.  (There are still a few appointments available for LLM program applicants.)  We’re always sorry to turn anyone down, but we’ve added as many new appointments as we can, and they’ve all been taken.

So what should you do if you really hope to interview?  You can call each week to check on cancellations.  In fact, yesterday afternoon an applicant canceled due to illness.  We immediately offered his 10:00 appointment to someone who happened to call after he did.  And a quick check this morning showed me that there has been another cancellation for a January date. There’s a chance you might snare one of these slots if you contact us periodically.

Otherwise, please remember that the optional evaluative interviews, though valuable, are optional.  There is no penalty for not interviewing.  The majority of our applicants live far enough away that visiting this fall is not a possibility.

Future applicants:  If you are reading this entry in fall 2008, knowing that you will apply in fall 2009, please take note!  Don’t wait until December ’09 to try for an interview appointment.  Every year the schedule fills by November.  Though we offer interviews through January 15, that doesn’t mean you would be well advised to wait until January 14 to book one.

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