There was some nail-biting around the office yesterday, as we waited for the GAMS pros to load the decisions.  It was impossible for me not to feel the anxiety of the waiting crowd, but the process can go only as fast as it can go.  Finally, all the decisions were posted, and the notification emails were sent.  It sounds like most people were able to access their decisions, even if it took a little perseverance.  Overall, much better than the last two years when there were persistent problems.

Now it’s time for us to turn to the next phase of our work.  First:  Congratulations admitted students!  We’re excited to welcome you to the Fletcher community.  You’ve been waiting and waiting, and now you have just a few weeks to make a decision on where you’ll be studying for the next year or two.  Time to plan and think think think!  The Admissions Office is here, as needed, to plug in the information you can’t find elsewhere.

Later this week, I’ll provide information for applicants on the waitlist, as well as details on how to request feedback (after May 1) for those not admitted this year.  Thank you to everyone for your patience these last few days.


2 Responses to Fewer wrinkles this year

  1. You’re welcome, Sandra. We were glad to finally get the decisions into the hands of applicants.

  2. Sandra says:

    Thank you Jessica for your support during this speacially stressful time in the year!

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