Last week I was abruptly reminded of the challenges connected to this time of year.  It should be that we feel bright and breezy, with all (or nearly all) applicants notified of their decisions and no more applications to read.  In fact, as soon as the decisions went out, the questions rolled in.  It’s quite natural that admitted applicants need to scramble for answers to questions that seemed only theoretical just a week ago.  So my typing fingers are warmed up and I’m tap-tap-tapping out the answers.

Some members of the Admissions team may be better at keeping up with email than I am.  But I’m going to throw everyone in the same bucket and say that sometimes we fall behind.  Please know that we’ll respond as soon as we can.  We’re just balancing emails and phone calls and visits — trying to get info out to everyone in a timely way.

With spring break this week, the School is super quiet, which gives us a chance to focus.  On the other hand, we need to travel farther to pick up lunch or a cup of coffee.  I’ll confront that problem later.  For now, back to the email inbox!


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