Fletcher is a busy place and blog readers are busy people.  How to keep up with everything going on here?  Well, there are many different sources, and the best one depends on how you prefer to receive your news.

For starters, there’s the front page of the Fletcher web site.  The Communications folk put newsworthy stuff up there regularly, and you can find more details on their web page.  For general university info, which may include stories on Fletcher, check out the news page of the Tufts University site, or for a student perspective, the Tufts Daily.  As a former college newspaper writer myself, I’d say the Daily staff does a good job, particularly for a small university with a limited pool of journalists.

Those who prefer to have their news fed to them can “like” Fletcher, as well as Fletcher Admissions, on Facebook.  Once you’re a student, you can even join me and 960+ others by friending Tufts President Anthony MonacoHe tweets, too   As does Fletcher.

If measuring thoughts by character, Twitter style, doesn’t appeal to you, check out Fletcher’s publications to find out what our best student and faculty minds are thinking.  There’s the Fletcher Forum, Praxis, and Al Nakhlah.  For that matter, Praxis and the Fletcher Forum have their own Facebook pages.

Naturally, I want to remind you to read the Admissions Blog regularly.  In fact, you should arrange to keep up with the blog via email or RSS feed.  (Shift your eyes over to the left, and you’ll see the Feedburner box where you can sign up.)  If you’re a Fletcher applicant, the blog is your best source of relevant news.

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