I have a very special (and complicated) weekend in front of me.  As I’ve been noting through the week, University Commencement takes place on Sunday, with related events on Saturday and tonight.  I’m going to turn up on Saturday for Fletcher’s Class Day.  I’ll wish the students well and, if I’m lucky, I’ll meet some family members.  On Sunday, I’ll be joining them for the All-University portion of graduation, but my role there will be as Mother of a Jumbo.  My son, Josh, is graduating from Tufts this year.

So my mum-in-law arrived from London last night, and a few of my cousins will also be joining us to celebrate.  And that would make for a busy and fun weekend.  But complicating (and enhancing) the schedule is that Kayla will be attending her high school prom on Saturday night.

For those of you not familiar with the prom, you can read up and check out some photos.  But you really need to ask your American friend.  (The dresses.  The tuxes.  The DRAMA!)  Kayla is embracing the prom protocols, and while Paul and his mother attend Saturday’s undergraduate Baccalaureate Service, Kayla and I will be at the hairdresser getting her an up-do.  Once Kayla is all dressed in her sophisticated gown and sparkly earrings, she’ll twirl a few times for the family, and head off with her friends.  Return time TBD.  She’ll be bleary-eyed but present for Commencement.

On Sunday, after the All-University phase of Commencement, we’ll attend Phase II with the Economics Department.  When all the ceremonial events are complete, Josh, some friends, their families, and our family will head back to our house to celebrate.

All in all, I expect the weekend to be bittersweet.  Sad to say good-bye to so many Fletcher students.  But very happy for all the graduates!  And proud of my Jumbo, Josh!

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