The construction team is racing to complete the project at President Monaco’s house, but most of Fletcher and the rest of the campus look ready for Orientation next week.  Fletcher students start up on Monday, undergrads arrive in force on Wednesday.  Reminding us what Orientation activities look like, yesterday Boston campus (medical/dental) students took advantage of Medford/Somerville green space for an activity that involved teams and someone yelling instructions through a megaphone.  It was a beautiful day, and the students seemed to be having a great time.

Here in Admissions, we’re getting ready, too.  The first of our new team members, Katherine, started last week, and we have two newer newbies starting on Monday.  I’ll introduce everyone soon, so that you’ll know who’s on the other end of your email or phone call.

Though not as messy as the campus construction, I’m racing to complete a few projects of my own, so this will be yet another brief post.  But I thought I’d point you toward some other reading material.  First, for end of summer activities, you can do worse than a trip up to the North Shore for some seafood.  Check out this introduction before you go.

On a different note, I was struck by this story about an undergraduate project.  There are many interesting synergies between Fletcher and other units of Tufts University, and I think a project to help reduce waste during travel captures several of these common interests.


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