This is one Monday when I regret that I try to confine chatter about my weekends to the summer, yielding to more significant admissions-related topics in the fall.  But if I were to write about my weekend, I’d have plenty to recommend to current and future students, such as dinner in Chinatown, a trip to see the cranberry harvest on or near Cape Cod, a stroll or bike ride along the Cape Cod canal, dinner at a new Davis Square restaurant, or a bike ride at the new North Point Park.  (Add in some housecleaning and it’s no wonder I’m happy to be sitting at my desk right now.)

But, like I said, there are more significant topics to cover, such as today’s application deadline for January 2013 enrollment.  We enroll only a small MALD class in January, which is just as well since half the staff is currently on the road and our ability to read a mountain of applications would be constrained.  The January application pool is just the right size for the available workforce.  On the other hand, we have a tight timeline — both to enable the admitted students to get ready to join us in January, and because we have our next deadline on November 15 for Early Notification applications.  Heading into the heart of the admissions season!


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