I’m always concocting theories to explain my universe, and I’ve decided that (contrary to expectation) cold weather draws people outdoors.  Or, also possible, cold weather keeps people local, meaning there are more people out and about.  I ran into friends and acquaintances all weekend.  At the Winter Farmers’ Market and at Somerville Theatre on Saturday.  Getting onto and off the T (subway) on Sunday, on our way into Boston to meet friends for brunch. Etc., etc.

Today (by plan, not chance) we have the fun opportunity to meet about 20 of the applicants who were admitted in the Early Notification round.  It’s a very mellow day.  They’ll pop in and out of the Admissions Office, but will otherwise blend into the Fletcher scene.  We offered breakfast before the first session.  When I went into the meeting room, thinking someone might have a question, everyone was already thoroughly engaged in conversation and had no need for me.  Awesome!  Like instant old friends.


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