Just in time for those of you wisely calculating the financial resources you’ll be able to draw on for your graduate education, our friends at APSIA have created a new list of scholarship and fellowship opportunities.  Of course, incoming Fletcher students will also want to check the Fletcher financial aid page, too.

2 Responses to Scholarship sources, thanks to APSIA

  1. Hi Edan — of course you can use external scholarships to fund your Fletcher education. Many students have large (Fulbright, Pickering) or small awards that help them to pay for their graduate education. I’m glad you’re looking into them. Please feel free to contact me directly with further questions.

  2. Edan says:

    A quick scholarship question from (hopefully) soon to be student… can we use scholarships we find on sites like htp://fastweb.com and http://collegewhale.com for Tufts, or do the scholarships have to come through the school?


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