When I returned from vacation this week,  I was pleasantly surprised to find that staff members are no longer alone in the building (with the occasional visit from a professor and/or the GMAP program).  The MIB pre-session started on Monday and runs for two weeks.  Although the pre-session is part of the MIB core curriculum, incoming and continuing students in other programs are also invited to participate, and some do.  So by the time I walked past the library this morning, I could already see two study groups hard at work.  Like robins in the spring, MIBers are harbingers of a new season to come — in this case, the start of the academic year.

Even more activity awaited the Admissions team when we returned from lunch yesterday.  (Team lunch:  a great idea, contributed by Christine, to get us all out of the office at the same time.)  As we approached the building, we saw a veritable crowd outside the front entrance. Though not Fletcher students, it was good to see the participants from Women2Women.  They must have been here for their session with Prof. Tunnard, who presents a workshop on “Using Social Media for Social Change.”  My daughter, Kayla, participated in W2W two summers ago.  It’s a really interesting program that brings together powerful young women from around the world.

The pre-sessioners will still be here next week, and then orientation starts the following Monday, August 26.  WOW!  I am not happy at how quickly the summer has gone, but I am definitely looking forward to meeting the new students we’ve been working with since we first read their applications!

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