Commonwealth and HerefordThe staff is back in the office after the long Patriots’ Day weekend.  Yesterday was a beautiful day for a marathon, and I had a chance to go over to the race course, where I wandered from one vantage point to another.  It was very busy so I can’t say I ever achieved a perfect view, but my goal was to join the crowd, which I definitely achieved.

Next year, I should time my visit so that I see more of the Fletcher runners.  (I was there for the trailing end of the elite runners and the first wave of fast-but-not-elite runners.)  I’ve checked, though, and it looked like the students I know best, including Liam, all finished.

Even while we’re back in our usual places, we’re trying to figure out where we are with regard to enrollment.  The enrollment decision deadline for admitted students was Sunday, so it should be simple to pull the data and see how many people have decided to enroll.  Alas, it’s not quite that easy to get an accurate number, because we also have deferral requests coming through, especially for future students who will start their dual degrees at another institution.  Once all the required review is complete, we’ll know if we should turn to the waitlist.  I’ll provide more information when I have it.

As we approach May 1, I’d also encourage any applicants who weren’t admitted this year (but who plan to reapply in the future — the only reason they’d still be reading the Admissions Blog) to request feedback.  It may take us a few weeks to respond, but receiving the input now, rather than closer to the date of the new application, gives you maximum opportunity to improve your preparation for Fletcher in the future.  Send your request by email on or after May 1.


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