Fletcherpreneurship + D-prize winners 2024

Celebrating the 2024 D-Prize Winners from Tufts

We’re thrilled to announce that Fletcher students have been recognized as winners of the prestigious D-Prize for their innovative project, Ongeza Zao na Pato (OZP). This initiative aims to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Kenya by providing them with high-quality agricultural inputs on credit. The founders, Gabriel Mwema Waithaka, Richard Teah Geegbae, and Margaret Adomako, plan to pilot their program by reaching 100 beneficiaries and introducing drought-resistant legumes, thus enabling farmers to shift from less profitable crops like maize.

Ongeza Zao na Pato exemplifies the kind of transformative social entrepreneurship that the D-Prize seeks to promote. By targeting women and youth groups familiar with local farming communities, they ensure that support is both effective and sustainable. Their efforts not only promise better yields and incomes for farmers but also contribute to food security and economic resilience in the region. Congratulations to Gabriel, Richard, and Margaret for their remarkable achievement!

There are lots of ways for ‘Fletcherpreneurs’ to seek support in starting their ventures. For more information about their inspiring work, visit the D-Prize Winners’ Profile.

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