Fall travels coming into focus

While it’s hard to pin down an objectively “busiest” season of the admissions year, the fall months often feel the “buzziest,” if I may invent a term. More than any other season, fall is defined by juggling the most simultaneous tasks, and sometimes makes me feel like my head is spinning. Fletcher students are back on campus, prospective students are visiting and interviewing, and applications are starting to roll in. On top of all that, recruitment travel, a primary driver of the “buzz,” is at its high point.

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Summer fieldwork and conferences with the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund

Regular blog readers may have previously heard of the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund (FEEF), a resource for students interested in conducting independent research for a capstone, undertaking summer fieldwork, participating in conferences, and generally pursuing experiential opportunities that otherwise might carry prohibitive costs. One great thing about the program is that it’s not restricted to the academic year. While many Fletcher students are in formal internships or work during summer break, there are also a fair number engaged in other pursuits (as an alternative or in addition to an internship) during this time. As summer begins to wind down, we’re starting to get some details on what FEEF grant recipients have been up to.

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Admissions interviews open for registration

A quick plug today for our Admissions interview program, which will run from late September through early December. For readers who plan to apply to Fletcher during this cycle, I highly recommend registering for an interview, although it’s an optional part of the application process and you won’t be penalized for not doing so. Interviews are available both in-person and via Skype, though, so really, there’s no reason not to get one set up.

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Pre-semester Preparatory Primer, Part III: review your finances

We’ve gotten this far into our Pre-semester Preparatory Primer without talking about money, but it was bound to surface at some point. Financing grad school can sometimes be more stressful than anything the academic experience can generate. One key to keeping financial stress low is thoroughly understanding your own resources and obligations, in order to avoid unwelcome surprises during the year.

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Readying for the fall: your Pre-semester Preparatory Primer

It’s only early August, and there’s still a full month until the start of classes. Incoming students are hopefully enjoying some summer fun before getting back into school mode. Whether it’s been a brief or long while since you’ve last been a student, though, the transition to the academic year will involve a few adjustments to get re-acclimated to the rhythms of academic life in general, and the culture of Fletcher in particular.

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