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Jody Boykins and Louise Bond at a classroom table

Tufts Nows | April 2, 2024

College in Prison Changed Them. Now They Want to Change Minds. Julie Flaherty writes, "TUPIT students, including the first Tufts class to earn their bachelor’s degrees behind bars, celebrate the program that turned them on to civic responsibility."


Tufts Daily | March 29, 2024

Everything you need to know about how Tufts helps with prison reentry — and how you can help too, Jake Ren writes about the ways Tufts students on the Medford campus can be involved. 

Boston Globe | Jan. 29, 2024

Tufts celebrates first class of incarcerated graduates at MCI-Concord, graduates of the Tufts prison initiative earned a diploma in Civic Studies by Ivy Scott. 

Boston Globe | Jan. 19, 2024

Tufts prison initiative gives grads the gift of hope, One soon-to-be-graduate said the program "helped me gain back that ineffable part of me that prison repressed—my humanity." By Rachelle G. Cohen. 

Tufts Daily | April 27, 2023

Students and faculty reflect on TUPIT: "A centerpiece of Tufts' work as a justice-oriented institution," reporter Sam Russo goes in-depth discussing the Tufts University Prison Initiative with participants in the program. 

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