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TUPIT Addressing Mass Incarceration through Education

(December 30, 2020) The Tufts University Prison Initiative of Tisch College has adapted and persevered during COVID-19, providing invaluable opportunities to formerly incarcerated individuals. Jeremy Goldstein, A21.

17 of the Most Innovative Courses of the 2019/2020 Academic Year

Medium journalist Sanna Sharp (Campuswire, Feb. 20, 2020) profiles a course taught by TUPIT director, Hilary Binda, “Mass Incarceration and the Literature of Confinement.”

Tufts Now!

This is a news hub managed and produced by the University. Over the years, it has published several TUPIT related articles. You can access all of them through the above link.

Tufts Daily

Tufts Daily is the Tufts student journalists and the campus newspaper. It regularly covers issues and events sponsored by TUPIT, you can access all of the articles on TUPIT at the above link.