The first meeting of the 2010 Committee on Admissions will start in a few minutes.  We had  a brief orientation in November, but were missing a few folks, so today’s meeting marks the first time that all the Committee members will work together.

Now’s a good time to tell EN applicants about the two decision options for this portion of the admissions cycle.  Some applicants will be admitted.  (YAY!)  Using our knowledge of our typical applicant pool, we admit those applicants who we feel confident would be admitted when compared to the full pool.  That is, we don’t have lower standards for EN and there’s no admissions edge for those who apply early.

What about all the applicants who aren’t admitted in December?  They’ll have their application reviewed again in the spring.  We want to consider those applications in the context of this year’s applicant pool, and make the right decision for 2010, using the full spectrum from deny to wait list to admit.  We know it’s a long wait from November 15 until March decisions are released, but this process seems to serve us and our applicants well.

So now, I need to grab a cup of coffee and the materials for the meeting, and I’m off!  Committee time!


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