When Admissions life is quiet in the summer, I turn to my home life for blog inspiration, making the bold assumption that blog readers want to know about Fletcher’s neighborhood.

And this past weekend, we packed in a lot of the activities that remind me how nice it is to live in a mid-sized metropolitan area.  In addition to miscellaneous chores on Saturday, my husband, Paul, and I went to see “The Trip” (funny!) and followed my hankering for a bibimbap to a Korean restaurant for dinner.  On Sunday, we picked strawberries (21 pounds — many already consumed) and spent a few cloudy but relaxing hours at the beach.

But it’s Friday evening’s activity that I’ll most recommend for blog readers’ June 2012 enjoyment:  the Central Square Dance Party.  Stretching from Cambridge City Hall to the YMCA that featured in Jhumpa Lahiri’s story, “The Third and Final Continent,” the party starts at 7:00, when children occupy much of the dance “floor,” and runs until 11, when it looks like any other dance party, except better because you’re in the middle of a major street.  My favorite source of tips on upcoming Boston events, Johnny, agrees that the dance party is a must-do!  There are quite a few clips of the party (both 2011 and previous years’) on Youtube.  I like this one best.  Mark it on your calendar, and I’ll see you on the dance floor next year!


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