These final days before we release decisions provide an opportunity for me (on behalf of the Admissions Office) to thank our blog readers (and applicants in general) for interest in Fletcher.  We know how anxiety-inducing the application process can be, and how important the decision on where to attend graduate school will be, and it’s gratifying to know that you want to join our community.

Throughout the yearly admissions cycle, it’s our goal to keep our focus on applicants’ needs.  While there are undeniably times when we have to behave like the university administrators we are, I hope you have found that the information we provide (through the blog, on our website, via facebook, in our printed materials, at information sessions, etc.) is clear, timely, and honest.  If not, please let us know.

Much as I might wish we could admit all of my blog friends, I can more realistically say that I hope all readers end up with graduate school options that are satisfying and that will launch you on the career path you seek.  Meanwhile, thanks for reading, blog friends!

P.S.  Happy 160th Birthday, Austin Barclay Fletcher!


11 Responses to Thanks, blog friends!

  1. Thank you, Nihal! And all the best for you at your new work!

  2. Nihal Chauhan says:

    Been in a bit of transition over the last couple of days and just caught up on the blog posts today. Wanted to say thank you for this blog and all the wonderful posts you kept adding to it. It was a big help to me personally to not only understand the evaluation process but also in many ways to get a better picture of the Fletcher School and for some of us, life at an American Grad school. Thanks again..


  3. Thank you, Roxanne! I’m glad to know the blog is accomplishing its purpose.

  4. Roxanne says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the blog. It not only answered a lot of questions, but also helped me imagine life at Fletcher. Through this blog, you built a picture in my mind of a community I wish to be a part of. Thank you.

  5. The scholarship doesn’t get deferred exactly, and you would need to submit a new application next winter, but we try to offer a similar award. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss this further.

  6. Admitted (MALD) says:


    I have a quick question- if one’s deferral request is granted, will the financial aid (Board of Overseers scholarship) too get deferred? Thanks

  7. Zaidah, we’re trying to keep stress and frenzy to a minimum this year, though I know there’s still plenty of worry out there. Good luck, and thanks to you (and all who have commented recently) for reminding us that the blog serves a special purpose in demystifying the admissions process.

  8. Norzaidah Mardani says:


    I thought this blog entry is going to be about some heads up on admission decisions, numbers and all, but I was spared from the worry and glad I read thoroughly! Thank you for your kind wishes and I really appreciate your time into conveying insight on admissions for all of us!


  9. Thank you for your kind comments, Katie and Zeina. And I especially appreciate your suggestion, Zeina. I’ll need to look into how to change the title on the feed. I think it’s within my power, but some research will be needed!
    Good luck!

  10. Katie says:


    Regardless of the decision, I’ve found your blog to be very informative and has helped counter (to a degree) the anxiety that comes with this whole process. Thanks!


  11. Zeina S. says:


    Thank you so much for this blog. I always find it very informative, and it helps to calm my nerves. I think, especially compared to the admissions blogs of some other schools, you always come across as–well–HUMAN, and genuinely wish the best for us.

    Just one small suggestion (I am not sure if this is even possible): I am a subscriber to the blog so I receive emails when you update. The email sender is always listed as “The Fletcher School – Admission.” which every day, without fail, makes my heart stop a little bit. I would suggest, if possible, just changing the sender to read “Fletcher Admissions Blog” or “The Fletcher School Blog” to avoid the possible confusion in thinking the email might be THE email.

    Thank you!

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