A successfully tweaked process

So we tried something new this year, and it seems to have paid off.  Releasing all decisions by email kept the system from clogging up as persistently as in past years, and everything went more-or-less smoothly.  The best thing is that decisions went out well ahead of our absolute deadline of March 19.  We’re happy.

To applicants who were not admitted this year, I hope you will gain admission to another graduate school that suits your goals.  If, instead, you are thinking of reapplying to graduate school in the future, please take advantage of our offer of feedback on your application.  Contact us after May 1 with your request and we’ll get back to you with comments.

To applicants who were offered a place on the waitlist:  I’m sorry that we’re dragging the process out still further for you.  We’ll provide information in the next few days to help you make your decision on whether to remain on the waitlist.

To applicants who were admitted:  Congratulations!!  Today marks the annual pivot day, when you abruptly turn from waiting for decisions to gathering the information that will, in just over five weeks, guide you to your decision on where to attend graduate school.  Through the next month, you’ll be receiving information by mail and other media, and we’ll add as much detail and color as possible via the blog.

It’s exciting for us to have released the decisions.  On to the next phase of the annual cycle!

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