I’m not sure how long I can keep up this post-a-day pace, but I’ll try for one more day, at least.  This is spring break week for the University and it is quiet around here.  And, combined with today’s weather

diving into the pile of work requires drawing from my inner store of diligence.

But there’s one topic that was lost in the shuffle in January, and I want to catch up today.  At the end of December, our previous IT guru, Roxana, took a new position at Tufts, and became the IT honcho for the Arts and Sciences Graduate School.  Her spot at Fletcher was taken by new-guy Tracy.  Good luck with the (not so) new job, Roxana, and (belated) welcome to Tracy!

This transition was part of the reason why we set a generous window for the release of decisions.  Fortunately, we didn’t need to draw on all of the additional time.

Next topic.  I mentioned last week that one of my challenges is figuring out when to write so that a post is both read and useful.  I’ve introduced the staff and our interests in the past.  But at a time when this year’s applicants are contacting and hearing from us, it may be useful to tell you who’s who.

Cast of Fletcher Admissions Characters

Liz:  The face of Admissions.  You’ll meet Liz when you first enter the office, and you may reach her by phone, or hear from her when you email the main fletcheradmissions mailbox.

Tracy:  The back office guy, still new to the job, working with the various IT programs that prop up the application, GAMS, etc.  Tracy may pick up the phone or answer your emails to the fletcheradmissions address, too.

Laurie:  The Director of Admissions.  Not much more to say, except that mid-career MA students will have extra contact with her while at Fletcher.

The Associate Directors:  Dan, Jeff, Kristen, and me.  We’re pretty much interchangeable, except that we all have a program that we work with a little more than the others.  For Dan, it’s the LLM.  Kristen works nearly exclusively with MIB, and Jeff provides second-line support.  And I work with the PhD program.  We’re all here to help MALD students, too!

Unless you’re hearing from an Admissions Student Intern, you’re probably speaking to or emailing with one of the Cast.

Final topic.  The Hall of Flags is, today, the Hall of Flagless.  You can see Jeff’s photo of the colorless scene on the Admissions Facebook page.


2 Responses to This and that

  1. Thanks for the great suggestion, Rose! You’re right that this is bad timing for me to act on it, but I’ll try to connect with some students as soon as they return. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, if you scroll through the “Our Students” category, you’ll find some posts like this one: http://sites.tufts.edu/fletcheradmissions/2011/10/13/the-returning-admissions-interns-our-office-experts/.

  2. Rose says:

    I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with the admissions blog throughout the application process, and now that I’ve been accepted (yay!), I’m trying to learn as much about the school as possible. Maybe you could do a blog post or two interviewing current students? I’d be interested in knowing what current students think about everything from the sense of community to career services to their capstone thesis to experiences with work study (although this week was probably bad timing for this suggestion seeing as it’s spring break!)

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