As anyone in the U.S. will have heard, the Boston area is within the very broad territory that will be affected by the so-called Frankenstorm, Hurricane Sandy.  As a result, for the first time in my Tufts experience, the University is closed today while we wait for a hurricane to blow through.  We hope to be back in the office tomorrow (Tuesday).

I wasn’t at Fletcher on Friday, and I left on Thursday in my own whirlwind.  That frenzy worked to my advantage, as I brought home some of the materials I need to keep my work moving forward today.  Among other things, I have a small batch of applications for January enrollment.

But being at home certainly has its advantages and, since I have an overabundance of apples from a day of picking, I may toss some into a pot to make applesauce.  A nice autumnal activity to accompany a hurricane day at home.

Back on the Fletcher front, last week I let a key event pass by.  The annual SIMULEX program, a crisis-management exercise, offered by the International Security Studies Program took place on Friday evening and Saturday.  The simulation’s scenario, set in 2014, was inspired by the events of the Arab Spring.  It’s a highlight of the fall for many students who participate.  Maybe next October’s scenario will be based on an East Coast super-storm.


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