Leaping forward with new technologies, we are almost ready to launch a new feature of the Fletcher admissions process — an online interview!  Applicants will be invited to access the interview website and to record responses to a short list of questions.  Of course, we fully realize that this is not the same as an on-campus interview.  (If nothing else, there’s no opportunity to ask questions, an important part of the traditional interview.)  But we’re excited about the option for applicants who are not able to visit Fletcher, and who otherwise would not have an interview as part of their application.

We expect the new system/process to be up and running in December, in time for applicants aiming for the January 10 deadline.  Early Notification applicants for whom we defer making a final decision to the spring will also have the opportunity to record an interview.

Stay tuned for further details!

And speaking of further details, the most targeted and relevant-to-applicants information goes to those who have connected with us.  If you haven’t yet done so, I’d encourage you to sign up for emails.

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