Thanksgiving, still my favorite holiday

Have I ever mentioned that I love Thanksgiving?  Well, yes, I suppose I have.  Last year, for example.  And in 2010, and 2009, and, as it happens, 2008, too.

So this afternoon, I’ll be getting ready — baking pies, primarily, but also setting up tables to accommodate about 20.  The tables will come down after the meal tomorrow, but nearly everyone will return on Friday for a buffet meal of enhanced left-overs.  A weekend of family and traditional foods seems like just the ticket right now.

Wearing my Admissions hat, naturally the latter part of the weekend will include Early Notification applications.  Our new student readers have left me with a nice little pile of files.  It’s always such fun to work with a fresh committee.  Something to be thankful for in the work context.

With that, I’ll simply say to anyone inclined to celebrate the holiday, whether you’re in the U.S. or not, Happy Thanksgiving!

(And please note that the Admissions Office will be closed both Thursday and Friday for the holiday.)

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