Just a quick note today about the Admissions Office schedule from now until August.  While the bottom line is that we’re here all summer, there are a couple of public holidays, the first of which — Memorial Day — is on Monday (May 27).  The office will be closed.

Then, on Tuesday, we’re all going to be in an all-day meeting.  If you have questions, send them along!  We’ll get back to you on Wednesday.

Also worth noting:  while the summer is never the best time to visit Fletcher (it being super quiet here and all), maybe it’s the only time that suits your schedule.  In that case, we look forward to seeing you!  You can sign up for an Information Session, or just stop by.  We will even do our best to accommodate your request for an interview, schedule permitting.

Wishing everyone (in the northern hemisphere, at least) a happy summer!


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