The summer break is a time to step back from day-to-day work and think about how we do things.  One change for the coming academic year:  new and interesting ways for prospective students, even those in the remotest of locations, to Experience Fletcher.

What does that mean?  Well, first and mostly unchanged, is that we’ll continue meeting applicants on the road and also offering on-campus Information Sessions and interviews for everyone who has the chance to to visit.  Spending a day (or even a few hours) here, with an option to attend a class, remains the best way to get a sense of Fletcher and whether it’s the right place to conduct your graduate studies.

What’s new in the campus visit category is an option that we’ll call a Visit Day.  Moving beyond the Visit Days of yore — which were designed solely around the interests of MIB and PhD applicants and which we’ll still offer — the Visit Days category has been expanded to include half-day or evening programs for all applicants.  Beyond the simple information session and tour, Visit Days will offer the extra option to attend a student panel discussion and speak informally with current students during lunch or a reception.

What represents a bigger break from the past, and which has us pretty excited, are new offerings that will help us connect with applicants who aren’t able to visit and who aren’t located in one of our travel destinations.

Introducing our new Virtual Offerings to Experience Fletcher!  Starting this month, we will offer online Information Sessions.  We’ll limit the number of participants so that everyone will have a chance to ask questions, and you can sign up for a date/time that’s convenient for you.

What other Virtual Offerings are there?  Like last year, applicants will have the option to record an interview online.  We’ve learned a lot from the feedback we collected, and we believe the experience will be even better this time around.  Check out the instructions, and note two things:  first, that online interviews must be recorded before you submit your application; and second, that setting up the interview requires a little bit of lead time.  (To put things less diplomatically, you will not be able to arrange an online interview on the day your application is due.)

We will also continue to offer weekly online office hours and occasional online chats.  Want to ask a question at a time we’re not chatting?  We’ve got you covered with a new-this-year email address that will put you directly in touch with a current student.  We expect that inbox to be humming in just a few months.

As interacting with prospective students is one of the best things about working in Fletcher Admissions, increasing the options for connecting with you should be good for you and fun for us!  Looking forward to meeting you on campus, on the road, or virtually!


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