Among the many Fletcher activities and programs that I don’t write enough about is GMAP.  The Global Master of Arts Program has been around for more than a decade and now has a strong alumni community of its own.  Because relatively few applicants are interested in both GMAP and Fletcher’s other master’s programs, I confess that I don’t always have the program in mind.  This week, though, there are GMAPers around and about — the only students in the building — so it’s a good moment to shine a little light their way.

GMAP is designed for mid- to senior-level professionals who aren’t able to take a year away from their positions to pursue graduate studies.  The program draws students together for three two-week residencies in a 12-month period, and continues their learning between residencies through on-line mediated instruction.  In some ways (language proficiency exam, capstone project), GMAP resembles Fletcher’s other master’s programs.  But the content is structured in a unique way and GMAP students all pursue the same core of eight courses.

At any moment in time, there are two distinct groups of GMAP students, one that started studies in March, and one that started in July.  This week and next, members of the July 2012-2013 class (who started their studies in July 2012) are completing their degrees, and their graduation ceremony will take place on July 20.  On Monday, July 29, the new July class (for 2013-2014) will be here for two weeks to kick off their studies.  And in August, the GMAP staff and students will be in Berlin for the second residency (which always takes place away from Fletcher) of the March 2013-2014 class.

I’ll try not to so thoroughly neglect GMAP in the future, but even if I do, GMAPers are often in the news, and you can keep up with the program via Facebook or Twitter.

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