Fletcher on Egypt

At most times of the year, I would count on Fletcher to help me interpret an important international event.  Even during this summer break, there have been comments on the Social List regarding the situation in Egypt — but not nearly as rich a discussion as I would expect in, say, October.  Still, as events there play out, I thought I’d bring to your attention two Fletcher-connected sources of analysis.

The first comes from 2009 grad Zach Gold, who was interviewed recently by the University’s communications staff and offered his take on the situation.  (Zach, I might note, was a real friend to Admissions and served on the Admissions Committee for a year.  We remember him fondly!)

The second piece of analysis also comes from an alumnus, this time a freshly-minted graduate, Albert Trithart, who offered his views in a new piece on the Fletcher Forum website.

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