I received a quick note yesterday from Hannah, a 2013 grad.  She wrote:

I seem to remember you often solicit news from students and recent alumni about our public work, so I wanted to share a link to a blog post I wrote for NextBillion, a website that focuses on international development through entrepreneurship and innovation. Here is the link.

I asked the logical follow-up question:  How did you end up writing this particular post for that particular blog series?  She explained:

NextBillion asked me to contribute to their Measure for Measure series on the impact-investing/social enterprise space.  It came out around the time I co-facilitated a panel at the ANDE Metrics Conference on social return on investment, based on Value for Women‘s work on the topic.  Value for Women is part of the epven group of companies, where I have a six-month post that started immediately after I graduated from Fletcher.

Cool!  I love receiving these surprise updates!

This isn’t Hannah’s first appearance in the blog.  Kristen and I chatted with her during a morning last February when we sat in the Hall of Flags.  It’s great to know that the student who seemed to be weighing a lot of options for her post-Fletcher future is already putting together the pieces for a great career.


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