During the summer, I received a blog question that I never answered.  A reader asked about the length of the admissions cycle.  Although it’s possible that the reader was looking for different information than I’m about to provide, I’ll use this post to outline a broad timeline.

I’m going to work backwards from the very end of the cycle for September 2014 enrollment:

Applicants who are admitted to Fletcher for September enrollment need to reply to our offer of admission by April 20.

Applicants who apply by our December 20 (PhD), January 10, February 10, or March 1 deadlines, will receive admission decisions as well as scholarship decisions before the end of March.  (Precise date always a little fuzzy until it actually happens.)

Applicants who apply by our Early Notification deadline of November 15 will hear their decisions by the end of December (without scholarship decisions).  Some EN applicants will learn that the Admissions Committee has decided to reconsider their application in the spring.

As you can see, the length of the cycle will depend on where you start it.  Some applicants have already started working on their application form, arranged an on-campus interview or uploaded an online one, submitted their standardized test scores.  Others are only now researching graduate school options.  The full process ends (essentially, except for waitlist activity) on April 20, but where it starts is up to each applicant.

For those applying for January 2014 enrollment, the cycle is much shorter.  Applications are due October 15, decisions are mailed by November 15, and enrollment decisions are due December 1.  Orientation begins January 8.  A whirlwind!


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