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If you weren’t admitted to Fletcher this year and are thinking of applying in the future, bookmark this post so that you can refer back to it on May 1.  Applicants who have requested feedback have the best chance of putting together a successful application in the future. 

Dear Ariel: I wasn’t admitted to Fletcher.  How can I find out why?

The Fletcher School welcomes applicants who have been denied admission in one year to apply again in a later year. One way to ensure that the future application will be stronger than the previous is to request and review feedback from the Office of Admissions. The intention of this feedback is to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your application, and to assist you in preparing for your next application to Fletcher.

To request feedback, please send us an email after May 1. Your message should include the following information:

•          State your request for feedback, noting the date of your original application.
•          Note any special questions you have about your application.
•          Tell us your plans for the coming year.
•          Tell us when you plan to reapply.

Because many applicants request a review of their application and it is a time-consuming process, application feedback will be provided starting in June.

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As I mentioned back in March, Fletcher Admissions will provide feedback on unsuccessful applications to applicants who may want to reapply.  At the risk of increasing our workload, if you plan to reapply to Fletcher, I strongly encourage you to request feedback on your application.  To do so, send us an email.  Your message should include the following:

♦  A sentence or two for the request, noting the date of your original application.
♦  Any special questions you have about your application.
♦  Your plans for the coming year.
♦  Your expected timeline for reapplying.

In this recent admissions cycle, we reviewed applications from people who requested feedback, followed the advice, and were admitted this time around.  We also read applications from reapplicants who didn’t request feedback, made the same mistakes a second time, and were not offered admission.  Asking for feedback and following the suggestions can give a real boost to an applicant.

Last, now that I’ve encouraged you to make us work harder, please be patient.  Reviewing applications takes time, and there’s already a bunch of waiting requests.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, but it may take a little while.

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